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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Putler Warns a Neighbor

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned his Finnish counterpart Saturday relations between the two neighbors could be “negatively affected” if Finland follows through with plans to apply for NATO membership.

You know what really "negatively affected" relationships with Russia's neighbors? Invading a neighboring country with the rationalization that "they used to be part of Russia." That is a rationalization that applies to Finland, as well, and the Finns are fully aware of that.

The Russians seem to think they can still terrify their neighbors. But since, in the eyes of the rest of the world, the Russian Army has gone from being regarded as the second-best army in the world to the second-best army in Ukraine, the fear factor has been diminished.


w3ski said...

Putin's warning is quite funny. There they are totally bogged down in Ukraine and they have the gall to threaten a neighbor? What exactly are they going to do to Finland? Invade? That is surely a joke at this point. Start shelling them? I can only imagine the fury that would be met with in this age.
Poor Mother Bear Russia seems to be mostly toothless, except of course for the nukes. Maybe they ought to lay off the threats, especially since that was what got Finland to really desire Nato membership.
But who am I to say to them?

Tod Germanica said...

This made me look up Finnish capabilities, impressive. Same sort of territory army plus regular army that Ukraine uses plus huge active reserve forces. They are tough and active and modern. With F-35s and NATO support they will rule that border. Putin's megalomania and hubris and blood lust brought this on, and nothing else.