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Friday, May 6, 2022

New Heater Update - VII

(Last post)

The gun is back from the Mothership. The first thing that I did was to take an old S&W sight-adjustment screwdriver and see whether or not I could change the elevation adjustment. I could.

I'll take it to the range one of these days. But truth be told, I'm in no rush to do so. Between the two guns, I've had four failed range trips and I am not eager to head over for trip #5. Maybe, if I lived as close as I did to one before I moved, I would.

Everything these days is a fucking fight. The gun came back by FedEx. I paid FedEx a skosh over five bucks for an evening delivery. The delivered it just after noon, not long after I had dragged my ass out of the shower after cleaning up from a hike in the woods. I threw on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt to get the delivery. FedEx gave me some story about how they have to process the invoice in order to credit me, which I don't understand, as they had no problem with dinging my credit card.

This isn't the most expensive revolver that I have ever bought. That title belongs to a Model 29 that I bought new forty years ago for $400, which would be about $1,170 in today's money. (MSRP is $1,240.} But ever since then, I've bought used guns.

I intend to use this gun hard. This one is more like a hammer than a fine piece of New England craftmanship to be carefully maintained and cherished.

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