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Monday, May 2, 2022

And So It Begins

The Supremes are leaking. They are doing the bidding of the Christian Taliban.

The Supremes are upset that their bullshit leaked out.

Awww. They're going to do away with the right to privacy as soon as one of the Taliban states tries to outlaw contraception, so why should their own privacy be respected?

Dear Susan Collins: Go fuck yourself. May you contract a painful, wasting disease and repeatedly die of it, you brain-dead enabler of the Christian Taliban. For this is on your head, forever.

Here's an idea: Send a case of coat-hangers to the in-state offices of Collins and Lisa Murkowski (not to the DC offices, mail gets screened there.)


B said...

Funny that you use Twitter as a source....

And even you have to admit that Row V Wade was a mistake, not because of the abortion issue, but because it should have been remanded back to the individual states.

Comrade Misfit said...

Pro tip, B: Don't you ever tell me that I have to admit anything or think anything or agree with anything. Not here, not ever.

dinthebeast said...

The first mention of abortion in the literature is from 1550BC and pretty much nobody gave a rat's ass about it until the right decided to make a "wedge issue" out of it to scare people into voting for them. "They're killing babies!" they yawped.
No, they are not killing babies. You know who is killing babies? The goddamn Republicans in red states that have refused the Medicaid expansion and so have third-world rates of maternal mortality, that's who.
And that whole "remanded back to the states" thing would be bad enough for poor women in red states (rich women can always get abortions and always will) but that's not what the goddamn Republicans are after. They're after a country-wide full abortion ban, and if this Mississippi case is what they base it on, there won't be an exception for rape or incest.
And yeah, Griswold is probably next, as it was decided on the same right to privacy as Roe.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Stewart Dean said...

Economy selection, $9 with Prime "free" ship
Show them you really care, $30 + ship

As democracy careens over the cliff, Manchin, Collins and the rest are clutching their pearls, shocked that it's come to this....

Stewart Dean said...

Send your complimentary GOP abortion kits to..

Senator Collins offices:

One Canal Plaza Suite 802
Portland, ME 04101

55 Lisbon Street
Lewiston, ME 04240

160 Main Street
Biddeford, ME 04005

202 Harlow St., Room 20100
Bangor, ME 04401

Senator Turtle McConnell
601 W. Broadway, Room 630
Louisville, KY 40202

771 Corporate Drive, Suite 108
Lexington, KY 40503

1885 Dixie Highway, Suite 345
Fort Wright, KY 41011

300 S. Main Street, Suite 310
London, KY 40741

Federal Building
241 E. Main Street, Rm. 102
Bowling Green, KY 42101

100 Fountain Avenue, Suite 300
Paducah, KY 42001

dan gerene said...

I doubt if most of the Republicans that run for office don't really care about abortion one way or another. But squawking about scores points with the religious right. If they make enough noise about this cause then they both can ignore the fact that they really don't care about people other than themselves and their own kind.

B said...

Ok, then, a question: Do you, as an attorney, the abortion issue aside, think that Roe V Wade should have remained a states issue rather than a national issue....?
If you can answer logically and not emotionally, I mean....Fromm a purely technical standpoint.

In no way was I trying to tell your over sensitive self what you must do.

Eck! said...

In my lifetime.. abortion would come and go.
Birth control became legal, safe and reliable,
likely its next.

Pre Roe....

It was 1961 late summer a women would carry a
dead baby to term. She was RH-positive and as
a result the fetus was and would be doomed to
die in utero and was carried for over two
months after heartbeat and movement ceased.
She would suffer knowing it was dead, phlebitis,
toxemia,and cardiac and circulatory issues.
The dead carcass was birthed and disposed of.
Between becoming toxic and internal bleeding
she would get last rites. The doctors wanted
to perform a D&C at month 6 knowing
the the fetus was dead, the hospital board and
Catholic church did not permit it.

That was the no exceptions world. It was NOT
a back street botched abortion it was medicine
prevented. People died then from real medical
problems during and before childbirth.

It was not uncommon..

Even now women die from birth related issues
such as ectopic implantation. We will see
women convicted from miscarriages they can't
control and didn't want to happen. Likely
more than a few suicides from rapes and
incest that result in pregnancy.

Unwanted children will be born. The
anti-abortion crusaders will ignore them
or worse persecute the bastard children
as they already do.

There will be angry people.


Comrade Misfit said...

First off, I did not practice constitutional law. Asking me to opine on constitutional issues is like asking a nephrologist to opine on orthopedics.

Second, I am not reading a 90+ page draft opinion because nobody is paying me to do so.

But, with those stated, I wonder this: How far back does this fetish for "originalism" go? Is the Court going to repeal Miranda v. Arizona because everyone is supposed to know their rights, already ("ignorance of the law is no excuse")? Is the Court going to overrule Brown v. Mississippi because it used to be acceptable for the cops to extract confessions by beating suspects? Is the First Amendment going to be read to not apply to anything other than newspapers?

I am presuming that the right to privacy (Griswold v. Connecticut), the right to engage in consensual sexual acts (Lawrence v. Texas) and the right marry the person of your choice (U.S. v. Windsor, Obergefell v. Hodges) will all be shitcanned as soon as someone in the Christian Taliban brings a case up.

The only reason that women and minorities will maintain their rights to vote will be because those rights were incorporated into the Constitution by amendments. Otherwise, I have zero doubt that those fools/tools on the Court would happily restrict the right to vote to white men.

Comrade Misfit said...

Eck, the number of self-styled conservatives who will be there to help women who bear unwanted children, or to help those children themselves, will be few and far between.

The Cult of the Fetus is poised to score a major victory.

Stewart Dean said...

It's been snarled that a liberal is someone who hasn't been mugged.

Now we can define an anti-abortion activist as someone whose female family hasn't been raped or had a fatal-outcome pregnancy.

BTW, the note I included in my Amazon "gift" of a dozen hangers to Senators Collins and McConnell read:
10 Free complimentary GOP abortion kits for distribution at your office to the deserving poor such as rape victims and those with a mortally dangerous pregnancy. All I could afford, sorry I couldn't send more. Mark 8:36

Eck! said...

So true. Fetus fetish has a short half life.

There is always the likelihood those children will grow
to hate them.

More proof that freedom is not free.


B said...

Nice tapdance.

Do States Rights matter or not? Do the people of the State have the right to make their own laws?

RVW has nothing to do with Originalism. It is (and should have been then) a States Rights issue.
Agree or disagree?

(and, BTW, I think women SHOULD have the right to choose to bear a child or not, but let us call it what it is, killing babies. Not "Women's Heath Care", or other less than truthful names that hide the fact that it is infanticide)

Comrade Misfit said...

We settled the issue of "state's rights" at the Appomattox courthouse in April of 1865.

And you can take your denigrating comments on my views, B, along with your dictates on terminology and shove them up your ass. If you go into your neighbors' houses and shit on their floors, then I can see why you might not have any friends.

Comrade Misfit said...

I suspect that the Supremes will throw the Second Amendment cases under the bus in order to prove that they aren't an ideologically-driven pack of right-wing tools.

Tod Germanica said...

They don't have to prove anything to anybody, anointed for life.