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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Truth, That

The Party of Trump has been screeching that the releasing of the draft opinion was an insurrection.


Do you know what was an insurrection? Violently storming the Capitol to try and overturn the results of a free and fair election, now, that was a goddamned insurrection, cops beaten, people killed, offices looted and vandalized, so on and so forth. It was, in fact, a failed attempt at a coup.

Meanwhile, the Most Gullible Senator in Washington is taking comedic hits:

And, if the chatter on Twitter is even a smidgen true, her offices, and those of Lisa Murkowski, are about to receive shipments of GOP-Approved Abortion Tools.

Both Alito and his allies in the Pre-Electricity Party maintain that the draft opinion only applies to abortion. But they're lying, at least, Alito is. The others are just taking a known perjurer at his word. The same right to privacy and individual freedom was invoked in striking down laws against contraception, same-sex relations, same-sex marriage, interracial marriage and convict marriage.

But hell, intellectual honesty is not part of this particular court. They are nakedly partisan; the justices voting to overturn Roe were put on the bench for that express purpose. Most of them lied in their conformation hearings. Which, of course, begs the question: What is a confirmation hearing for, nowadays, other than to screen out those who are incompetent at lying?

At this point, anyone who still believes that the Supreme Court impartially calls balls and strikes, is either stuck in a distant past or is MR.


dinthebeast said...

Someone on Twitter today pointed out that the leaker is not likely to be a liberal because liberals don't talk to Politico, they talk to Wapo, the NYT, or some liberal publication.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

w3ski said...

Government by the minority? This is a sad outcome for our democracy.

Eck! said...

The likely source is an unaligned anti-abortionist trying
to put the justices in a corner.