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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Boeing’s Mobile HQ

Boeing Co. said Thursday it will move its headquarters from Chicago to the Washington, D.C., area, where company executives would be closer to key federal government officials.

Right. They mived to Chicago to be able to better suck up to Untied Airlines and now they're moving to D.C. to be better able to suck up to Ft. Fumble.

The idea of being close to where the main product is made in order to keep an eye on the factory floor is so passé these days.

Which is why Boeing is a pretty badly-run company and has been since the crappy management of McDonnell-Douglas infected them. (Cue the 737-MAX and the Starliner.)


Stewart Dean said...

Because what matters is hammering business expense account martini lunches, not something that works. Eventually, Boeing, like IBM, will completely eliminate products and focus on what really counts, schmoozing the customer's brass. Making things is such a drag: you have to deal with reality and competition.....

Jones, Jon Jones said...

As predicted here: https://www.abebooks.com/Deep-State-Fall-Constitution-Rise-Shadow/31157566826/bd?cm_mmc=ggl-_-US_Shopp_Trade0to10-_-product_id=COM9780143109938USED-_-keyword=&gclid=CjwKCAjwjtOTBhAvEiwASG4bCDrb6ShnbrbNtJ6tMfRj9yyCXbHAJecOtPCSUAppwm_4u6DRFKEVFRoCuGMQAvD_BwE

Comrade Misfit said...

Every time that someone uses the term "Deep State", I assume that they are either a low-wattage conspiracy theorist or someone who is trying to con those rubes.

Is this book any different?

Jones, Jon Jones said...

It was worth the time for me. I used it to predict this to some $$ benefit:
Amazon HQ2 is Amazon's corporate headquarters in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia and is an expansion of the company's headquarters in Seattle, Washington.