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Friday, May 6, 2022

Biden's Superspreader Event

Trevor Noah joked about the event becoming a superspreader — and now the cases are rolling in. The annual White House Correspondents Dinner, along with the festivities held in the days before and after it, have led to the inevitable spread of Covid.

In the days since WHCD weekend, reporters and staffers from CNN, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Politico, and other participating news organizations have tested positive for the virus. Most notably, ABC's Jon Karl, who shook hands with President Biden and who sat next to Kim Kardashian, has fallen ill, as Politico's Maxwell Tani first reported.

That was not exactly the smartest thing to do, cramming over two thousand people in a ballroom for a dinner. And it wasn't just that, there were oodles of other parties around the WHCD. It not only just wasn't terribly smart, it was almost Trumpian in its stupidity, given that there is yet another variant on the rise.

But that's what people want, right? The ability to make their own risk calculations? But the problem is that for a large number of people at the WHCD, going there was part of their job, or, as a former XO of mine once put it: "This event is mandatory fun. You will go and you will have a good time."

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