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Monday, May 2, 2022

Warm Up Those Coat-Hangers

Leading antiabortion groups and their allies in Congress have been meeting behind the scenes to plan a national strategy that would kick in if the Supreme Court rolls back abortion rights this summer, including a push for a strict nationwide ban on the procedure if Republicans retake power in Washington.

This should have been clear to everyone that the Christian Taliban has been intent on eliminating the freedom of women to choose their own fate.

This is clear: If you support a woman's right to choose, then you cannot vote for a Republican. Full stop. No quibbles, no qualifications.

If you are fine with you or your daughter, sister, cousins or friends being forced to bear a child from rape or incest, then you ought to go look at them and said "I'm sorry if you get raped, but you're going to have to bear the child of your rapist. And, if you choose to keep the kid, remember that your rapist may try to exercise his rights as a father and then you'll e dealing with the guy who violated you for decades."

This is not hyperbole. That is the naked truth. Have the guts to go tell your daughter that if she gets raped, the consequences of being a victim of a violent criminal act will be hers to bear. The rapist might well walk away from his fifteen seconds of action, but your daughter won't.

Abortions will always be available for the rich, who can afford to jet off to Europe and pay for an abortion, just as in the pre-Roe days. But for everyone else, the Christian Taliban are saying "fuck you". Because they are so, so protective of kids up until the moment of birth. After that, well, as the preacher said:


dinthebeast said...

Kinda gives lie to the whole "remand it back to the states" argument.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Eck! said...

I see this is the parallel to Dred Scott...

Women are breeding sock and therefor chattel
and states will protect or deny that.

We have CT with a protective law and a bunch
of shithole states that will try to run the
1850s compact to enforce their law over the
abolitionist states.

This time the court fired the first shot.