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Friday, May 27, 2022

Dear Texas DPS, It's Called Gunfighting. Look It Up.

I am reasonably sure that Texas has a police museum. The men so honored there are probably spinning in their graves.

This is what the Cult of Officer Safety has brought: Cops who won't do their jobs when the job gets real. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine the old-school cops who had spit-shined shoes, hickory nightsticks and Colt or S&W revolvers cowering in fear like those guys.

So let's take those high-capacity semiautomatic pistols away from those guys and issue them S&W 686s or Ruger GP100s. Hell, since guns for those cops are nothing more than badges of office, they might as well be given Airsoft guns.


ontoiran said...

i'm sure they'd have no problem enforcing a mask mandate on unarmed parents in a park

Keaaukane said...

Checking Google, there are a number of police museums in Texas. Basically every reasonably sized town has one, plus the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame. I guess the "One riot, one Ranger" ethos has devolved to "cringe and await backup". Sad.

Slightly off topic, but the new version of "Walker, Texas Ranger" sucks beyond belief.

w3ski said...

From what I've read, there were parents willing to engage the shooter and the cops shackled some of those.
Definitely not a good look for the local cops.
So many things should have been done better, from locking the doors on outwards.

Infidel753 said...

If these guys had been at the Alamo, Texas would still be part of Mexico now, and we wouldn't have to deal with it.

Zendo Deb said...

There was a meme floating around that something like 40 percent of the Uvlade police force budget goes to their SWAT team. (It was a picture of said team.) I haven't seen anything that could be called definitive on that front.

The Border Patrol team who did eventually shoot the maniac was PREVENTED from entering the school for about 30 minutes by the local police. Why? No one will say. Probably, "It's not SAFE!"

Ten Bears said...

It's as if they let it happen ...

Eck! said...

I say all I've heard to date is UFB!

It took border patrol getting past the cops and finally
doing something.

I hear the the gun banners screaming we need just another
law. Seriously? The expectation is those cops will
enforce it? Get real!

I guess the next law will the a precrime bill. Catch them
before they do it.


Comrade Misfit said...

Keaaukane, I agree about the new "Walker" show. I watched maybe the first six and thought that there was nothing wrong with that boy that a good beat-down wouldn't fix.

JackL said...

I seem to recall some Famous Gun Dude (I think it was Gen. Julian Hatcher) recommending that police be armed with .22 rimfire revolvers.

On a note that's tangentially related at best: I'd love to see how politicians and talking heads would react if someone introduced a bill mandating that any firearms restrictions imposed on civilians also be imposed on LEOs. Only problem is that I can't imagine any Congresscritter having either the imagination or the nerve to propose any such thing.

dan gerene said...

I'm not going to try to defend the lack of immediate action on their part. It was some years ago that I read a book about lawmen in the Old West. Many of whom have been immortalized in dime novels, then movies and then TV, especially when I was a kid. The one thing that stuck with me that the book said was how many of these lawmen weren't quite the heroes that they were reputed to be. Some were back shooters and needed a big posse to back them. Probably the real heroes were the ones they didn't write stories about. Also seeing all those white cowboy hats at the presser didnt impress this Up Norther at all they way they impress themselves.