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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Surprising TSA News

A new study based on thousands of internal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) documents has excoriated a controversial screening program as reliant on dubious behavioral science and amounting to surveillance of scores of unsuspecting air travelers, particularly Muslims and Latinos.
The surprising thing is that there could be any sort of scientific grounding whatsoever for anything that the TSA does. For the TSA is often little more than a huge shitshow whose mission is to justify its own existence.

I'd love to blame Trump, but the TSA's toxic combination of incompetence and constitutional buggery has been going on for fifteen years. The only difference is that we can probably count on things getting worse, as President* Trump and Shadow President Bannon likely will have no problems with racial/ethnic profiling of air travelers. And they won't, until somebody starts profiling far-right white guys as security threats.

(Yes, I know. the last time that anyone in government pointed out that far-right white guys commit more acts of terrorism than Muslims, the pro-white-terrorism caucus in the Congress shut that down.)

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dinthebeast said...

Muslim terrorists don't vote for them like right-wing terrorists do.

-Doug in Oakland