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Monday, February 13, 2017

Russian Spies in the White House

The intelligence agencies are holding back information from the White House; they assume that whatever the White House learns will be handed off to the Kremlin.

It's worth noting that the paper which is running the story is owned by President* Trump's son-in-law. It'll be interesting to see if the story is scrubbed.

One of Gen. Flynn's top aides was denied a security clearance.

It also seems that the dossier on Trump's Russian ties is holding water.

No doubt that we'll soon hear that having a nest of Russian spies and fellow-travelers in the White House is better than having Hillary Clinton there. Because the Right hates her so much that they'll even close their eyes to treason.


CenterPuke88 said...

And Flynn's out...who had him in the anchor pool?

dinthebeast said...

So who will be the new NSA? Alex Jones? Jerome Corsi? Oliver North?
Maybe I shouldn't be so snarky about it, as I have actually heard that they're considering David Petraeus.

-Doug in Oakland