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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Stupid White Male

A South Carolina man with white supremacist ties was busted for buying a gun to commit a shooting “in the spirit of Dylann Roof,” according to a federal complaint.

[Myrtle Beach Asswipe], 29, was arrested Wednesday after purchasing a .40 caliber Glock handgun and ammunition from an undercover FBI agent. He is an ex-convict who built bonds with white supremacists while serving prison sentences for several offenses, the complaint says.
Asswipe went on Facebook, ranted his racist shit and then said that he needed somebody to sell him a gun so he could go kill Jews.

No surprise, the guy who reached out to him to sell him the gun that he wanted was a Fed. And, when they arrested him, he had some pot on him.

Goombye, Asswipe. If they stack the minimum charges, see you in twenty years or so.


The New York Crank said...

Well you see, why he did it is, it's so much more private to go on Facebook and ask for a gun to kill Jews (or anybody else) than it is to stand on a soap box in a crowded city and ask for the same thing.

Besides, if he had done the latter, passers-by would have probably figured he was nuts and ignored him. Whereas on the Internet, he could draw attention to himself from the FBI. There! That'll show those Feds!

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

B said...

They don't easily catch the smart ones.....

dinthebeast said...

You know, I was never really an outlaw, but I know enough of the genuine article to sort of know how it's done, and I could buy pretty much any specie of gun I wanted, even in California, if I had the money for it.
So I agree with B this time, and would like to add that the actual smart ones aren't trying to gear up to kill Jews.

-Doug in Oakland