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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ihre Papiere, Bitte.
Also, Trump's de facto Muslim Ban

Passengers of a domestic Delta flight from San Francisco to New York were told to show their identity documents to uniformed agents of the Customs and Border Protection agency upon their arrival at John F. Kennedy airport on Wednesday evening.
Upon deplaning from Delta Flight 1583 in New York, passenger Anne Garrett tweeted, "We were told we couldn't disembark without showing our 'documents.'"
I don't know where the Customs goons think they have the right to demand that everyone on a domestic flight show Customs their papers. It wold appear that the only thing they lacked were black leather trenchcoats.

In other Customs goons news, they detained Muhammad Ali's son at the Ft. Laudersale airport and interrogated him about his religion. Let that sink in a little: Customs thugs thought it proper to detain a natural-born American citizen and subject him to inquiries about his faith.

We have become a country of small-minded, pathetic cowards if we tolerate this sort of shit.


B said...

Not enough info to place blame, but if the CBP did this, on ANYONE's orders, then they should be fired. IIRC, this started under Bush II and continued under Barry.

I'd made 'em jail me before I showed identity doocuments *inside* the US.

w3ski said...

Where did my Country go? I want America back. This, is Not America anymore.
This has become exactly what I was taught in School about "bad places" and "we were better than that".