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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Revolver Shooting Tests

The "HiTS" Revolver Super Test for a full-sized revolver, shot at a B-8 bullseye target:
1. 15 yards, 6 rounds 12 seconds.
2. 10 yards, 6 rounds 8 seconds.
3. 5 yards, 6 rounds 4 seconds.
162 is a passing score.

The Snubbie Super Test:
10 Yards....5 shots in 8 seconds. Two hands
5 Yards....5 shots in 5 seconds. Two hands
3 Yards....5 shots in 3 seconds. Strong hand only.
135 is passing for this one.

The "Advanced Super" level for both is drawing from a holster in the allotted times.

I've not tried either one, yet.

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