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Friday, February 17, 2017

Putin's Poodle (and News You May Have Missed)

A story about the Brit reporter who has been in the forefront of dragging Trump's Russian ties into the light.

She was pretty surprised by this, as she's been a fierce critic of The Guardian's handling of the Snowden files.

Meanwhile, the Feebies aren't going after Flynn for lying to them.
Elsewhere, a man in Tennesee was convicted of planning to shoot up a mosque. His lawyer cried "entrapment" and said that his client was only planning to conduct surveillance and needed weapons because reasons.
Trump's travels, his kid's travels and his wife living in NYC are on track to cost the government several times as much money in security costs than did Obama. But the same people who were whinging about Obama jetting off on his trips are largely silent, now. Judicial Watch may be the rare exception.
There was quite a bit of "telephonic terrorism" against Jewish community centers last month. No doubt the Defenders of the Right will claim that the calls were "false flag operations", or some other bullshit. Antisemitism is also on the rise in the UK.
China is a bit pissed off at Kim Jong-un's alleged whacking of his half-brother.


w3ski said...

I wonder if he tries this 'bigger' in Ca., would the State Government have to intervene? SF at least is a Sanctuary City, would the State Government(ie law enforcement) move to defend that decision?
This heavy handed BS that the resident has dreamed up could backfire biggly in Civil Unrest and even Rebellion.

DTWND said...

I'm in Florida for February. I went to a flight school here in Pompano to get checked out and rent a plane. Talking to the owner and he said Trump's weekends in West Palm are hurting his business. The 30 mile TFR on weekends basically ground his aircraft during the time when most working people are able to fly. No fly = No $$$. I see that AOPA is in talks with authorities to try to alleviate the problem.


CenterPuke88 said...

When the Crawford TFR was active, they developed a small cutout for a field right on the edge. That allowed flights and limited training, but the fields more than a few miles into the TFR were SOL.

One theory on the whacking of Kim's half-bro is that it was a shot at China. China stopped a train of North Korean coal at the border the day after the missile test, maybe Kim was a little annoyed?