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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Gun Snark

So I'm reading through the latest issue of Shooting Illustrated. Which often doesn't take much time, as I skip all of the political shit and the "zOMG, Sumdood's Gonna Take Yer Gunz" crap. Not terribly interested in anything Kimber (a $900 pocket 9mm) or a compact .338 for $7,200.

What caught my eye was an ad by Ruger saying that the Ruger American Pistol was "designed with the latest U.S. Military standards in mind." Which I take to mean that although Ruger declined to enter the competition for the Army's new heater, they thought about it hard enough to develop a gun to the specs. According the the writeup later in the mag, MSRP's $579.

Not too bad, really. For the price of the "DoubleStar" 1911 ($1,364), you could buy two of the Rugers and have some cash left over for a holster, a couple of extra magazines and 500 or so cartridges.

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