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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Center of the Universe is Donald Trump, At Least in His Mind

Asked a question about Antisemitic elements in his campaign, Trump made it about how many electoral votes he got. And he's going to totally stop crime and other bad things.


"Stop crime"... right. So if you are the victim of any sort of crime whatsoever in the future, you can blame Trump for not stopping it.

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dinthebeast said...

I don't even get what he's saying... I mean last I checked I could read pretty well, but this? "...and every other thing that's going on."

OK, Doug, back off a little and try to figure this out.

All we get are his actual words. That's part of the job. Words from the president have larger effects than words from celebrities or real estate developers.

So going by his words, which were his answer to a question about concerns over his policies and their knock-on effects of anti-Semitic activity in the general public, he says ??? I won the election by a lot? What does that have to do with the question? "Fuck you, I won"?
Maybe not, but can he not see that it will be taken that way?

You know, Obama used to be kind of annoying when he would pause and leave dead air while he chose his words in his head, but I'm sort of missing that particular annoyance right about now.

-Doug in Oakland