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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Targets Stand Together

Muslims raised $20,000 in three hours to repair the damage caused by vandals at a Jewish cemetery. The local ADL is offering a reward for information on the perps.


Nangleator said...

That is terrible news for ISIS/trump.

w3ski said...

I was reading that if the graves were considered "defiled", then the occupants would need to be reburied in another plot of sanctified ground. Do you know anything of this?
Would toppling the headstone be considered defiling or would they need to have done more to the plot?
A horrible thing no matter but it could be an ever bigger expense.

Comrade Misfit said...

w3ski, I don't know what constitutes "defilement".

Relocation of the deceased in a Jewish cemetery is a tough issue. The bodies are not embalmed and they are in plain wooden caskets. After a sufficient passage of time, there is nothing left, though these days, one might find a few fillings and artificial joints.

(It would even be more difficult in a Muslim cemetery, as the bodies are wrapped only in shrouds.)

B said...

$80k as of 17:00 central

Outstanding job.

dinthebeast said...

The leader of the synagogue in Victoria, Texas offered the keys to it to the Imam of the mosque that was burned down there, so they would have a place to worship while the mosque is being rebuilt with the more than a million dollars raised online for that purpose.
Perhaps that helped motivate the Muslims to pitch in in St. Louis.
They're still looking for that perp, also.

-Doug in Oakland