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Friday, February 10, 2017

Why Would Any Normal Human Being Think That This Was OK?

The Central Michigan University president says he is “deeply disappointed” about an anti-Semitic Valentine’s Day card that was produced during a campus Republican group meeting, then apparently given to a pair of students by a member of that group, which says it was an unsanctioned mistake.

The card was in a bag that was handed to the students Wednesday night by a member of the College Republicans at Central Michigan, which immediately apologized while distancing itself from the incident. The card, which the group called “very inappropriate,” shows Adolf Hitler alongside the words “my love 4 u burns like 6,000 jews,” according to Central Michigan Life, a student newspaper.
The college paper story on it.

The subtext of the college Republicans' response was that "this was supposed to be inside baseball, nobody else was supposed to know that we've neo-nazi members and we're sorry that you found out."

1 comment:

BadTux said...

Fucking Nazis.

We have goddamn fucking Nazis. *AGAIN*.

Geeze, I hate fucking Nazis. My new favorite movie is Inglourious Basterds. Too bad we can't just get our rifles and kill fucking Nazis like we did between 1941 and 1945, because they proved the bloody way that the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi.