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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise


Lambert Airport was a major TWA hub. The city built a third runway (wiping out most of a town) to accommodate increased traffic and Illinois built an airport not far away in Belleville to suck traffic from relieve congestion at Lambert, which was handling 30 million passengers a year.

But then American Airlines took over TWA and wiped it out of existence. The hub of TWA's routes was moved to O'Hare. The Belleville airport was without airline service for a number of years. Allegiant now flies maybe a dozen or so flights a week out of Belleville. The new runway at Lambert is rarely used. Lambert nowadays handles about 13 million passengers a year; Southwest is the predominant carrier. Belleville handles maybe one-one-hundredth as many passengers


Old NFO said...

Made a many a connection there flying back to DC from the left coast during my Navy Days... One helluva good Bloody Mary at the Ambassador's Club there too!

2minw said...

lived northeast of Lambert in the 50's --- noise from propeller planes (DC4's, Electra's, Constellations) was livable - Boeing 707 and McDonell Phantom jet noise plain woke you up even if you were awake

BOB PAGE said...

I worked the 7-2 with the Rams helmet paint job on several occasions while I was at TPA. It was good to see it again.