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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Another Point About Flynn the Allegedly Russian Asset

If this had happened with a Democrat in the White House, Representatives Issa and Chaffetz would have been all over this like stink on a manure pile. Subpoenas would be flying out the door, hearings would be scheduled, congressional staffies would be investigating up a storm and so on.

But with a Republican in the White House? All those two worthies can hear is the sound of crickets.

Tell me, again, how much those two clowns are concerned about ethics, honesty and good governance. For I loves me a good fairy tale.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the House "Intelligence" Committee, a partisan goon named Devin Nunes, is unconcerned about Trump's ties to Russia, doesn't care if Trump has (or had) a Russian asset on his payroll, but is mightily concerned about who leaked the story.

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3383 said...

I'm considered a RINO now, but what the hell, elected Republicans? Reagan would punch most of you in the throat.