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Monday, February 20, 2017

Aviation Impact: Good Luck With That; SS Edition

The operators of flight schools near Mar-a-Lago are complaining that the Temporary Flight Restrictions that are imposed whenever President* Trump visits are hurting them badly. Trump visits there on the weekends and weekends are when flight schools are busiest.

The people there want to have a discussion with the Secret Service and, as usual, the SS is turning a deaf ear to them. Considering the economic impact of security measures isn't their job.

I've blogged about this before. At least Dubya had the inadvertent courtesy to spend his time in West Nowhere, Texas. Even then, the TFRs screwed up a significant amount of active airspace. But that was probably a fart in the wind compared to what the Trump TFRs are doing.

These massive presidential TFRs are nothing more than security theater. If the folks around Florida want things to change, they better start complaining to their senators and congresscritters.


Anonymous said...

It's all good until it causes the special people inconvenience. I imagine there are quite a few in and near Trump Tower who would love to be inconvenienced only on week-ends. They wanted to be near His Bigness - well, enjoy it.


DTWND said...

The effect extends as far south as Pompano Beach when Trump is home. There are at least 5 flight schools that are affected. None are large scale (think Embry-Riddle), they're all small businesses trying to earn an honest buck. If Mr Trump uses the White House as an office and retreats to Florida on the weekends, I'd expect that a few of theses schools to shutter their doors.