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Friday, August 28, 2009

Stop the Security Insanity

This is the aviation security zone, known as a "Temporary Flight Restriction", that was imposed because the President is going to attend the funeral of Sen. Kennedy

Note that it extends down to Providence, RI, out to Worchester, MA and up to NH. The one imposed over Martha's Vineyard covers Nantucket and most of Cape Cod.

This insanity needs to be stopped. I have not seen anything whatsoever that supports the notion that terrorists are planning to use aircraft to carry out a presidential assassination. There is no reason to stop every itty bitty Cessna out there from flying within 30 nautical miles of the president's location.

And let's say, for the sake of argument, that airplanes were considered to be weapons. Airplanes are legal to own in every state in the Union and are nowhere near as controlled in ownership as firearms. All one has to do is send the appropriate bill of sale to the FAA, there is no background check. It's like buying a car from a private party. If people can bring guns to the vicinity of a presidential event, then why can't we fly our airplanes?

The presidential TFRs are security theater, nothing more, nothing less. They should be drastically scaled back.

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One Fly said...

But that would mean common sense would need to be used plus someone has to make the decision.