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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

39% of Americans Are Certified Imbeciles

Why? For that is the percentage of Americans who do not realize that Medicare is a government-run health insurance program. Another 15% are morons who are "not sure."

That is 54%; a majority of Americans do not understand that Medicare is a government program. We are changing from a democracy to a true idiotcracy.

It is mind-boggling that people are seriously that stupid or that poorly informed. How is it possible to have a viable discussion about health insurance with such citizens?

Barney Frank is right: It would be like talking to a wooden table.


Anonymous said...

Check out the new post at my blog for WHY there are so many fucking idjits.

Nangleator said...

We're living in a time when people will more readily believe an easily punctured lie than a demonstrable truth.

Unknown said...

10% of them said that Hawaii is not a state or wasn't sure.

BadTux said...

Jesus fucking Christ in a goddamned handbasket. How can so many people be so fucking stupid?

Oh wait. "President George W. Bush". Fucking *TWICE*.


Maybe I ought to just go ahead and apply for Canadian residency. It's clear that any nation where 54% of the population can't figure out that Medicare is a government program is too goddamned dumb to continue to exist for a whole lot longer.

- Badtux the Rude Penguin

Anonymous said...

Once again, living proof that Indians fucked buffalo.

Unknown said...

I think the question was a little misleading. It actually asked whether respondents thought that the government should stay out Medicare. I can see how some might interpret that as meaning, "Should Congress leave Medicare as it currently is?" It's open to multiple interpretations. I have no doubt that the results would have been significantly different if the question were more straightforward as in, "Is Medicare a government-run program?" At least I want to believe that 39% of my fellow citizens are not that freaking dumb.

Comrade Misfit said...

Brian, one could not have answered the question with the choice that "the government should stay out of Medicare" if one knew that Medicare is a government program.

It would be like saying "the government should stay out of delivering the mail" or "national defense" or "running the air traffic control system".

Sorry, people really are that frakking dumb.

Bette Noir said...

I am delighted to have found your blog: I believe that we are very much alike (except for the aircraft and the weaponry).

Re this post: Frankly, I'd have guessed the Certified Imbeciles count to be somewhat higher but, then, I am an elitist, left-wing piss ant. (Full Disclosure)

As of this morning, I have adopted a quote that was passed on to me that is so apropos of the current debate that I am considering tattooing it somewhere:

"War is God's way of teaching Americans geography."

The Frump Gazette

Comrade Misfit said...

Frumpzilla, You and about 2,000 other people this morning. :)


Unknown said...

It’s not that just that there are so many imbeciles, or the fact that many of the imbecile know they are imbecile and wear it like a Metal Honor. What get me is that the imbeciles feel they do not deserve the programs that help them live better lives, because they are imbeciles. Now most them are hard working imbeciles and they do deserve to have the more cognitive citizens insist that these imbeciles have social programs to help them; even if health insurance is forced upon them.