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Friday, February 3, 2017

Republicans are the "Pro-Corruption Party"

At least in South Dakota, the GOP is now the PCP:
South Dakota Republicans on Thursday repealed a historic anti-corruption law approved by voters in a statewide referendum on Election Day.

The measure, which passed with more than 51% backing in November, would have created an independent ethics commission, limited lobbyist gifts to lawmakers, banned officials from joining lobbying firms for two years after leaving office and created so-called "Democracy vouchers" for registered voters to steer toward their preferred candidates.
It's not often that you see politicians so blatantly refer to the electorate as idiots, but that, in essence, is what the state's governor did.

One would hope that the voters remember this bit of fuckery.

1 comment:

B said...

Yeah, that'd get me to begin recall petitions, or, if that isn't an option in that state, begin my campaign to remove 'em at the next available election....NOW.