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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Oh, For the Good Old Days

When the only crazy megalomaniacs with control of nuclear weapons that we had to worry about were Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un.

I can't keep up. Whether it's Trump's complaining about the press and talking about Frederick Douglass as though he was still alive at his "Black History Listening Session" or his asking people to pray for his TV show at the National Prayer Breakfast or his apparent phobia about staircases or the fact that his "blind trust" has been shown to be as blind as the Palomar Telescope, it just keeps coming.

Meanwhile, his acolytes make their excuses for Trump's lies and those of his entourage, most notably, the one about the Bowling Green Massacre. Facts don't matter tot hem, and neither does science, the Constitution or the rule of law.

Surf the blogroll. I'm going flying.

And yes, I'll watch something else other than the Stupid Bowl, as the Team What Cheats the Best likely will win again.

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