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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I Cannot Keep Up

Doug in Oakland mentioned in a comment that the Trump Administration is concerned about the invasion of helpless Belarus by Poland. Which, of course, hasn't happened.

Stephen Colbert mentioned something along the lines of "When the bad guy says 'You Americans think you're so superior, but we are not so different from you,' the good guy doesn't respond 'you're right, let's have a drink'." (Trump defended Putin's government murdering people.)

Trump was babbling about the "dishonest media" not covering terror attacks.

And of course, Trump claims that there were over three million fraudulent voters, all not voting for him. A claim for which there is no evidence whatsoever (ok, maybe for or ten voters- still no evidence of widespread fraud).

I can't keep up with the amount of outright lies and bullshit being spewed by Trump, Spicer and Conway, let alone the rest of Trump's team of alternate historians..


DTWND said...

I'm sure, somewhere, someone is keeping a list of all the bullshit that is spewed by Trump or his lackeys on his behalf. I, for one, would like to read it, but it might take most of the day to get through.


hans said...

Tom Nichols is keeping track :-)

Tod Germanica said...

trump's lies were just as evident during the election but the 46% were just fine with it. We Americans are a stupid and corrupt people and that's how we like it. USA, fuck yea.

At least we avoided the horrors of Mrs. Clinton's private email server. BTW, WTF is a private email server?

Anonymous said...

Give the headwinds in the Imperial City time to work. Less to track.

B said...

Prolly a Lot of fraud. Chicago has it, so does Baltimore. How much? Hard to tell for sure.

But it IS more than 10 people. Might be balanced between Republicans and Democrats. We don't know.

"Vote early, vote often".

Plus a few tens of thousand dead voters.
And that is in Chicago alone

But we can't have Voter ID, for some reason. Odd that.

CenterPuke88 said...

Voter ID is fine, IF:

1) Each and every citizen is provided a free voter ID

2) Any citizen unable to visit an issuing location due to infirmity, work schedule, transportation (or lack, thereof), location or such, shall have a certified agent of the State visit, examine the person's proof and deliver said ID.

3) Any person lacking proof (birth certificate, naturization certificate, etc) may fill out a statement of eligibility outlining why they cannot provide proof, sign it, and receive an ID. These statements shall be forwarded to a National Committee on Voter Registration, comprising 5 persons. These five persons shall be selected as follows: 2 by the Majority Party in the House of Representatives, 2 by the Minority Party in the House, and 1 by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court choice shall be unanimous. This committee will examine the statements and may invalidate an issued ID, after an investigation, by an affirmative vote of at least 4 members.

4) The penalty for knowingly filing a false statement of eligibility and the penalty for voter intimidation shall be set at a $1000 fine for a first offense, and $10,000 and 1 year in prison for a second and subsequent offenses. Voter intimiadation shall be construed as any act that a reasonable person would conclude might induce persons trying to vote to leave without voting. Actions reported as violating this standard shall be judged by the National Committee, where 3 members voting in the affirmative will confirm the violation and allow prosecution.

5) Voters shall have until 2 weeks before an election to receive an ID, and those moving after this window, shall be eligible to vote in their new district by statement of eligibility. Those with no ID shall also be eligible to vote after filling out a statement of eligibilty, but their votes shall be quarantined in a double envelope, allowing identification of the voter on the outer envelope and secrecy via the blank inner envelope. Should the number of these votes be sufficient to change the result of any race, the voters shall be validated or invalidated, the validated envelopes shall be emptied into a pile, and then the individual envelopes opened and counted.