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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thou Shall Not Challenge the American Police State

The amateur videographer with the colorful vocabulary who memorialized the alleged 2009 police beating of Melvin Jones III during a traffic stop may be charged with illegal wiretapping.

One of four police officers disciplined for the incident on Nov. 27, 2009, Michael Sedergren, has filed an application for a criminal complaint against videographer Tyrisha Greene. Sedergren, who was suspended for 45 days, claims it was illegal for Greene to videotape him without his consent.
Last time I checked, Massachusetts had some claim about being one of the first states to resist the tyranny of the British Crown.

There is something ironic that the Commonwealth now is in the position of enforcing the tyranny of the modern American police state.*

But that is true in more than one of the Thirteen Colonies: It is illegal to videotape the cops beating people. Those states should be ashamed of themselves.
* But it's about what one can expect in a state where the cops will confiscate your guns for exercising your First Amendment rights.


Nangleator said...

To my mind, all Massachusetts cops are criminals until proven otherwise.

I don't imagine I could prosecute a cop for wiretapping after I drive within the live area of his dashboard cam.

w3ski said...

If I read your info correctly you are a lawyer or at least someone connected to the field of Law?
Could you possibly explain just where in our law firearms possession sits. I presume it's not an "unalienable right" , but it seems to be next to that in importence.
Your addition of the guy who had his weapons confiscated for right wing talk intrigues me.
I am as far to the left as I know how to be and I own weapons. If I made public or even internet statements that were contrary to the law, could they come for me ???
Curious but not needing Representation, yet.

Comrade Misfit said...

w3ski, as I understand it now, firearms ownership is a civil right that is subject to regulation at an "intermediate scrutiny" level.

Massachusetts requires a permit for firearms and ammunition and such permits are issued at the discretion of the licensing official. Which is legal-speak for "we can revoke them any goddamned time we choose."

Personally, I suspect that what goes on in MA is ripe for a Federal challenge.