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Thursday, August 4, 2011

18,000 Tons and Whaddya Get?

A hell of a lot of contaminated ground turkey.

18,000 tons. That's roughly the displacement of a WW2 heavy cruiser.

That's a buttload of ground turkey, all right.

(Of course, in the Envisioned World of Teabagging Libertarians, Cargill would have just sold it all and not worried about who got sick and died. Which was exactly what happened before the Pure Food and Drug Act was signed into law by that dedicated socialist, Theodore Roosevelt.)


Anonymous said...

18,000 tons... & why am I not surprised? Oh yeah--'cause I studied American history & actually *read* the assignments, which teabaggers, libertarians, et al apparently did not.

Mark Rossmore said...

See, that's why I love this blog. Where else would get a lot of bad turkey meat compared to the displacement of a WWII cruiser?

Dr. Bubbles said...

Not related to turkeys or economic politics, but my dad served on CA-139's sister Newport News. He was on the search & rescue team after the turret casualty in 1972. From what he's told me they were two cradles in the magazine hoist away from losing the ship.

montag said...

If it was Cargill turkey, filet of heavy cruiser would probably be tastier.

Comrade Misfit said...

If it was Cargill turkey, filet of heavy cruiser would probably be tastier.

Probably be safer to eat fillet of heavy cruiser, as well.

vilstef said...

Cool picture, it's the CA-139 Heavy Cruiser Salem, from the Des Moines class-you should have had the CA-134, the actual Des Moines. :)