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Monday, August 1, 2011


An Alabama Air National Guard F-16 ran off the runway at the Oshkosh Fly-In (excuse me, "AirVenture").

Update: Video here.

(H/T to Sarah in the comments for the video.)


w3ski said...

OOpsie. Future Senate/Congressional material here however.
I "sent" you another. Enjoy.

Nangleator said...

Now that's a demonstration!

bob said...

That will FOD and engine. It will take years to get all of the brown crap out of the engine and the pilots underpants.

Your Air National Guard at work, wonder what he could have done with the much hyped F-35.

Will lose that day job with DELTA.

Anonymous said...

It's only taxpayers' money ;-)

Sarah said...

I arrived there Friday and it was still there, nose down in the dirt.


I see from the video the nosegear hit the blue dot... apparently the 1600 feet remaining of the 8000' 36L wasn't enough to stop. Perhaps there was a brake problem. Or not... everyone's human, and I'm glad the pilot walked away.

Stewart Dean said...

My wife's comment: "Oh, how to grow new planes....plow them in and cover lightly"

Chuck Pergiel said...

Throttle stuck on full? That look's like some serious exhaust coming from the tailpipe.