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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Because Good Roads Are a Sign of Socialism

Fresh from blocking any new tax increases during the debt ceiling debacle, some lawmakers in Congress may now oppose renewing the federal tax on gasoline and diesel fuel, which is used to maintain our nation's highways.
Morons, all of them.

It has been understood by damned near everyone that good roads are a necessity for economic growth. The entire manufacturing sector in this country depends on the timely delivery of parts and materials (thanks to "just-in-time" processes). It was a Republican president who understood both the economic and military imperatives behind having good roads.

But hey, 18.4 cents a gallon is too much for the fucking Teabaggers to pay towards decent roads. Guess it doesn't matter to them if the highways become damn near impassible and the bridges collapse from lack of maintenance. No big deal if the trucks have difficulty getting to where they need to go, right?


D. said...

There's going to be a serious shortage of horses at this rate...

ben said...

The closing paragraph of TFA points out that the tax ain't what it used to be...

Meanwhile, I see this as a crypto-Lipton (sorry, not going to give them a single drop of search juice anywhere ever if I can avoid it) attempt to draw attention to themselves by "attacking" an issue we can all relate to, while inflicting deliberate collateral damage on the apparent evils of bureaucracy and public transportation.

Both of those issues are skylined in TFA.

My bet is that this is actually a sneaky attempt to increase BigOil's margins. See also what's become of the FAA use fees that aren't being collected at present.

Again: who stands to benefit the most? Keep in mind where the Koch bros. made their money.

vilstef said...

The price of civilization is taxes and apparently the 'baggers want it to fall somewhat further back than Lords and Peons. Pull up some dirt and wait for the Warlords.