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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Police Stealing Guns in Ohio

The uniformed goons in Lakewood, Ohio* heard a woman owned a selection of firearms. She legally owned them. There is no dispute about that.

The local uniformed thieves went to her condo, got a condo maintenance guy to open the door and the cops helped themselves to her weapons. There is also no dispute that they had no cause to do so.

But they won't give them back. So she has to sue them.

I presume that there will soon be a federal civil rights lawsuit filed against those goons, besides the action in local court to make the cops give her heaters back.

If you want to print out a copy of the U.S. Constitution and mail it to the chief of police (with the 4th Amendment highlighted for readability), you can send it here:

Chief of Police Timothy J. Malley
Lakewood City Hall
12650 Detroit Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Or if you want to e-mail him:
* If there is a reason to ever go to Lakewood, I've not found it. Since it is now apparent to the casual observer that the police are nothing more than thieves with badges, you might want to avoid the place. Dennis Kucinich was born there and even he left for Cleveland.

Lakewood historically was known for corruption. Long before Kelo v. New London, if a developer wanted to put up a shopping mall or an office complex, the city would obligingly designate the neighborhood as "blighted" and kick out the residents. (Lakewood's definition of blight included such things as "peeling paint on garage doors".)


Nangleator said...

Have they realized they can commit any crime and get away with it, without any interference from their brethren, who are also discovering the power they all have?

They used to enjoy the smug superiority of their moral high ground when they wrote you a ticket, or arrested you for anything at all. They don't have that superiority any more, but apparently instilling fear is an emotional substitution they can enjoy just as much.

Anonymous said...

There are some good restaurants in Lakewood, and the public library is excellent. But yeah, the police bite the wax tadpole.