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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CSI- Cat Shit

(Inspiration for this tale comes from here.)

Several years ago, I was sitting on the throne, doing the morning BM, when George walked into the bathroom. He had a thin white string dangling from his mouth. I recognized it as dental floss and lunged at him. He evaded my attempt to grab him and, when I finally nabbed his skinny ass, he had swallowed it all.

I remembered tales I had been told of cats who had eaten dental floss, only to have it loop around internal bits of their intestines and, in essence, disembowel them from the inside. In a near state of panic, I called the vet and asked the "now, what" question.

The advice was to check for the floss in the droppings. I had a box of disposable gloves, so every time I found cat poop in the litter box (or elsewhere), I donned a pair of gloves and squished the turds, searching for dental floss.

Roughly 36 hours later, George shat out a turd that had the floss all wadded up in a nice coating of cat poop. I was relieved that George wouldn't need surgery (I wouldn't have to pay for it) and that I could stop playing the role of Abigail Sciuto of Cat Shit.


Fixer said...

My dogs (namely the puppy Ziva) will sometimes eat the string from one of their rope toys they've torn up (I try to get the toy away from them before they shred it too badly). More than once I've had to "pull the ripcord" on the little dog. It's why I always keep a paper towel in my pocket when we go for a walk.

4K said...

i believe you meant NCIS -catshit

randompawses said...

You're a good kitty parent! ;)