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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Can I Buy a New Heater, Judge? Huh? Pretty Please?"

That's how it works in New York. You pick out the gun you want, pay for it, then you take yourself and the receipt over to the county clerk's office. There, you fill out a form to apply to amend your pistol permit to add the piece to your permit. The designated judge in the county has to sign off on a little coupon. When the judge does, you get to haul your ass back over to the county clerk's office. They type the new data about the gun (make, model, serial and caliber) onto your permit and they give you the signed coupon. You then take the coupon back to the gun shop and then, only then, do you get to fill out the Federal form to get permission from the Feds to pick up your new heater. Assuming that you pass the instant check, then you can take your gun home.

This takes anywhere from a few days upstate to maybe two months in places like Westchester County, where the judge signs the coupons maybe each month and he almost never signs all of them.

Unless you happen to work near to the county seat, buying a new handgun will also cost you two days off from work in order to make the trips to the clerk's office.

New York sucks.

But at least they're saner for rifles and shotguns. (NYC is an exception, of course.)


w3ski said...

Ah Kalifoornuia!
Been a while now but you go to the store and pick it out or order it, pay for it, wait two weeks and then go shooting. Concealed carry is another story, but possession is easy. Registration is up to you. I do admit it took a full year to register my AR 180 when they introduced that program, but I already owned the rifle at the time.
Except for employment, we have some things right.

Comrade Misfit said...

You have to have a pistol permit in order to own a pistol in New York State. Even if the thing is rusting away at the bottom of a footlocker, you need a permit.

It's sucks and it is, frankly, racist and classist. It is all about making sure that those people don't have weapons.

BobG said...

I'm glad I don't have to put up with all that bullshit; here in Utah it only takes a few minutes.

Improbable Joe said...

You'd think if you want people to follow some rules, you'd make the rules more easy to follow. I'm all for registration, but why make it tedious and complicated? I'm looking to buy a handgun, and I'm just going to jump through hoops for the concealed-carry permit because as long as I'm going through the hassle I might as well save myself future hassle.

Comrade Misfit said...

Joe, I suspect it as complicated as it is to discourage people from buying handguns. And it works; this is the first handgun I've bought in years.