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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Triple Vengeance

The director corrupted the last one, as you can see if you watch it to the conclusion


0_0 said...

The first was excellent watching it back in the day, although it was after Han shot first (in response to a death threat) by a few years.

The second is obv. a copy/ homage, and who would be surprised at Archer shooting anyone? The show is one of my favorites.

Miami Vice made 2 blunders- the bad guy drawing a weapon ruins the impact, and not ending the episode right there. "To be continued"? After that?

Ten Bears said...

I remember them well. So well seeing them is a bit scary.

Just my opinion and we all know about opinions, but I think you have to have been of a certain generation with a select few specific experiences ...

War propaganda never-the-less.

Borepatch said...

Best. Magnum P.I. Ever.

Comrade Misfit said...

Borepatch: Indeed. I was on shore duty when the episode aired. I got called into work 30 minutes into the show. I missed the second half of it.

When I came into work the next day, all people could talk about wat that episode and how it ended. I was some pissed.

I eventually caught it on re-runs (back when TV shows did that).

BCFD36 said...

I'm way late to the party. Sorry. That was my favorite Magnum. It always will be.

Archer was obviously an homage to Magnum.

It is not clear, at least to me, that the Miami Vice was influenced by Magnum. The trope is quite old in TV land. If is was influenced by Magnum, then it fell short.