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Thursday, December 23, 2021

QAnon People Still Are Nuts (and the Trumpers Are Not Far Behind)

They are all crazier than the people whe are living in padded rooms.

Insanity still is prevalent in pro-Trump counties:

We have had hundreds of millions of people vaccinated around the world, maybe a billion or more, and nobody's growing third-eyes or ginormous testicles... even among those who took the cheap-jack vaccines rushed out by the Chinese and the Russians. But the antivaxxers keep on lying and dying.

That's one man who didn't need to take a dirt nap, but he is now. likely because he listened to all of the antivaxx propaganda being spread by the Right Wing Noise Machine. But you can bet your ass that the vaccine-haters will rush to gobble down Pfizer's new pill if they get sick. Maybe we should start letting the Qidiots know that since the pill is made by the same company that makes the vaccines, that Bill Gates's microchips are also in the pills.


Ten Bears said...

If it were anthrax, of enough volume to blow through the ventilation system, they'd be dead ...

dinthebeast said...

You know they will all reject the new Walter Reed vaccine because is has nano particles in it.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

montag said...

The pill should work better than the vaccine because it is big enough to carry a full sensor array to track your family and friends, too.