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Monday, December 13, 2021

So, Michelin Stars Mean Nothing

Probably the most brutal restaurant review, ever, was posted a few days ago. This is how the "meal" began:

We headed to the restaurant with high hopes – eight of us in total, led into a cement cell of a room, Drake pumping through invisible speakers. It was sweltering hot, and no other customers were present. The décor had the of chicness of an underground bunker where one would expect to be interrogated for the disappearance of an ambassador’s child.

It went downhill from there. Foodies should read it, and if there was a 24-hour Denny's in that town, they'd have run to it.


gray fox said...

My thought before starting to read this was "It's just mean to post a snarky review. Cheap shot".

And then I read it. It was hilarious. As long as it wasn't happening to you.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

I'm still not buying his book.

Spud said...

We used to be considered abnormal , because we never dine outside home...
Post we're normal ?

Ten Bears said...

I can't imagine ever eating in a restaurant again ...

Tod Germanica said...

I'm with Ten Bears. Like gym memberships, restaurants cannot be made safe in the face of constantly evolving covid mutant strains. Sell your stock, find another line of work. Unless, by law, everyone gets vaccinated, the changing strains of covid-19 will probably evolve into Captain Tripps, and resistant to present vaccines. No reason at all for more mass death except freedumb, owning the libs, and trump's handler Putin. This pandemic could have been stopped but Republican pro-death 'policy'- lib owning and treason, means the pandemic will not end. Please tell me I'm wrong. Tell me someone sees an end in sight for covid-19. There is no end. There will be no more normal. Yet the treason and useless sickness and death continue and Republicans still get elected and maybe will take the back the government next year. America appears too stupid and corrupt to continue as a republic and a democracy. RIP.