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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Can People Not Be Assholes, Just For Xmas?

Apparently not.

Jill Biden answered calls to the the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s Santa tracking service, another longstanding tradition for first ladies, and she was joined by Biden for the calls. ... They took three largely pleasant phone calls from kids and parents, though one father capped off an otherwise polite conversation with the president by wishing him a happy holidays and adding, “Let’s go Brandon!” before hanging up. The phrase has become widely used by conservatives as a stand-in for a more vulgar epithet against the president.

Biden was apparently unaware of the phrase's meaning. But that makes no difference.

Really, Trumpers? You clowns can't stop being hateful assholes for Christmas?


Ten Bears said...

There are calls in some circles to turn it back in their faces, to take it up as "Thank You Joe!"

Ever notice how it's only the garbage hounds that bite the hand that feeds them?

seafury said...

This is just the TFG's fans showing that superior wit. My better 2 thirds attended her side of the family's Christmas extravaganza last weekend. The designated libtard (me) stayed home and took care of the dogs. I sent a card for pop in law. She thought it was a nice gesture. Pop in law opened it and found a Biden/Harris bumper sticker. He was not amused. how could I ruin such a joyous and solemn occasion with such trash. Here I thought it was funny....

JustMusing said...

Just not speaking with the Q side of the family. If they ever returned to reality, I’m not sure I would want to. Simply too much effort to remain civil anymore in the face of batshit crazy

Comrade Misfit said...

Seafury, I have to agree with your F-i-L. That was a bit much.

seafury said...

They were all out of Let's go Brandon ones

Dark Avenger said...

In my wife’s culture, someone who can dish it out, but can’t take it,
is nothing more than a talking ape that can keep itself clean.

DTWND said...

Found this link on another blog. Sums up the MAGAt's personalities and hypocritical behavior.

Not computerish enough to make a link.