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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

A Couple of Things

It seems that trying to hinder Congress from certifying the vote or trying to fuck with the outcome of an election are Federal crimes. That may be why Mark Meadows is refusing to testify and why Jeffrey Clark took the Fifth.

Rep. Liz Cheney, the Republican co-chair of the committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack, surprised many last night by reading important text messages sent to then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the deadly riot. But what the Wyoming congresswoman said next was just as notable:

"Mr. Meadows's testimony will bear on another key question before this committee: Did Donald Trump, through action or inaction, corruptly seek to obstruct or impede Congress' official proceeding to count electoral votes?"

What this means is that, independent of the January 6th Committee's work[1], there is a possibility that the instigators of both the Insurrection and those who attempted to persuade election officals to alter the vote count may be charged.[2] The DoJ may be letting the Committee take the lead and do a lot of the shoe-leather work for them. But, in the coming months, things might get a little interesting for Meadows, Clark and maybe even Sir Donald of Hamberders.

I DQ'd out of a defensive pistol match last month. I don't shoot those matches with an eye towards winning; I shoot them to practice with guns that I may carry and with holsters that I would use for that purpose. The gun in question was a S&W 3rd-generation compact 9mm, the holster was a pancake-style job that holds the gun in reasonably close to my body. Retention is with a strap over the hammer and the holster itself is reasonably thin.

The fact that the holster was at an "FBI cant" bothered the range safety people, as it meant that the muzzle pointed a little behind me. That it was leather without a reinfoced mouth meant that I had to ensure that the lips of the holster were spread apart so I could insert the gun. The RO said I muzzled my finger and disqualified me. I don't know as I did, but it was the RO's call. No whining allowed. It was suggested that if I wanted to keep shooting those matches, that I get some zero-cant kydex belt holsters. Fortunately, those can be had cheaply and, as the holsters will be range-only, cheap is good.
Much is being made about the rank hypocrisy of Rand Paul, in asking for post-tornado aid for Kentucky while having repeadly voted against aiding other states after disasters. He reminds me of some Christian Talibanistas I've known in the past who were against divorce, or they were until their own marriages fell apart. Paul can quibble and deny that he's a hypocrite, but shit, everyone with an IQ much above freezing knows that he's a lying hypocrite.
[1] Never forget that the Republicans held hearing after hearing about Benghazi and yet have been stalwart in trying to avoid any accountability for the Insurrection.
[2] Looking at you, Miss Lindsey.


Ten Bears said...

Benghazi!? The spectacularly successful cover-up even into the highest halls of congress of Romney and the Retards (look it up) spectacularly failed campaign attempt to stage a Reaganesq hostage-taking and subsequent White Guy Riding To The Rescue The Black Guy In The White House Could Not October Surprise that instead resulted in the deaths of an American ambassador and three services-members abroad? The dress rehearsal for the “1/6” (one-six) insurrection?

Needs more investigatin' ...

dan gerene said...

Ten bears, reading your comment made my head spin.