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Monday, November 1, 2021

Flight Delays Coming to an Airport Near You, Thanks to the Cell Phone Companies

The FCC has ignored the fact that 5G cell towers are going to fuck up the ability of airlines to land in bad weather. Basically, 5G signals are close in frequency to those used by radar altimeters. Without radar altimeters, the point where the pilot has to decide to either proceed to land or abort, the "decision height" is determined by the barometric altimeter.

This means that when the clouds drop and things get a little foggy, the flights won't be able to land or take off. The FAA is going to require exactly that.

The attitude of the telcoms is "you guys can pay to replace or upgrade your altimeters because of our use of the radio spectrum." When you get down it it, that's the attitude of every other polluter out there. Companies are always willing to fuck over everyone else and, if those being fucked over complain, it's their problem to fix.[1]

If new radar altimeters will fix the problem, the cell phone companies should be made to pay for them.

Canada's taking a different approach, they're banning 5G towers near airports. Of course, the fuckers at the cell phone companies are screaming "but muh rights".
[1] It's not just companies, as anyone who lives near an AirBnB party house can attest.


Eck! said...

The ones that will hurt the most aren't passengers..
Its freight.

Delays in freight might cause a bigger ruckus.

Like its said... That will go well until someone gets hurt.


w3ski said...

And no one thought of this while developing 5g?

Comrade Misfit said...

Sure they did, but the FCC didn't give a fuck. Just like ten years ago, when the FCC was going to let LightSquared fuck up GPS, or they would have until the public blowback became too great.

Tod Germanica said...

And, 5 G's is way too many for a sustained turn, you get G-LOC and crash... ta dum, tip your waiter. Try the veal.

Eck! said...

The lightsquared case was a bout GPS system and RF selectivity as
in just being near in frequency blide most units especially those
in aircraft.

In that case it was a shortcoming in gps that was not retrofitable
as a fix.

With 5G, same issue the signal from it are clean but the radar altimeter
cannot differentiate between the reflected signal and something in the
same band. Again its not the transmitter but the receiver in the radar
that cannot be refitted though newer ones can be smarter and able to
detect the correct signal.

its hte class Radio issue since spark, Station A interferes with Station B.
Solution them was go elsewhere in the spectrum but now with high speed
data we need a lot of spectrum. Guess what they are stealing amateur
bands to get them. Why, because in the radio worlds you need a lot of
space especially for fast data and many areas of the RF spectrum are
already occupied. Going up is limited as once above 3GHZ things like
going though walls are a problem and distances are sharply limited by
trees, buildings and hills never minding mountains.

The fundamental problem is the radar altimeter as they came to be when
long haul stuff was mostly microwave towers and directional antennas
aimed up (Satelites).

So bandwidth has to be found but the receivers have to be better to
allow for that. Cell phone have forced TV channels to move, and other
services as well to make bandwidth and spectrum available. Its a
finite resource and getting more valuable every day.

Whats bandwidth, its the range of frequencies occupied by a single
signal. More data rate the more band width required to send it even
with sophisticated encoding. Cell signal due to bandwidth eat a lot
of spectrum making frequencies below 500mhz useless.

Its not an FAA problem its an FCC problem and likely TSO(aircraft)
as well.