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Sunday, October 31, 2021

What Do 9/11/01 and 1/6/21 Have in Common?

The FBI dropped the ball. Both times, there was plenty of warning about what was going to happen and the FBI blew it off. Trump was ginning up his supporters to stage his self-putsch over three months before, but in the Jedgar Building the snoring drowned out everythng.

The "fusion centers" had been lighting u from coast-to-coast, but the FBI and the Capitol Police were asleep at the switch.

Oh, but afterwards, they got switched on and went after every idiot who even breathed about doing something. Just like after 9-11.

When the Trump Party tries again to steal the country, we can't depend on the FBI to be alert. Their track record suggests as much.


Paul said...

My guess is that the FBI did not think the White Riot trump was planning to stir up would actually turn violent. A number of high-ranking officials, indeed a scary number of law enforcement personnel, seem to view white folk as harmless, timid creatures that would obey the local cops managing the "protests" and stay inside the lines.

These same officials would look at a Black Lives Matter or a Women's Rights march and call out the heavy-armored SWAT guys to shoot rubber bullets and tear gas at the first sign of a raised fist.

The inability of law enforcement at every level - local, state, and federal - to truly recognize the major domestic threats are the goddamned Proud Boys/KKK/White Supremacists makes them vulnerable to those groups, then and now. They still don't get it (it doesn't help that around 30 percent of our cops are members of these Far Right morans).

dan gerene said...

The FBI and Capitol police probably have many members who identify with the "stop the steal" types. It's human nature to believe that the people who you are more familiar with and share the same values as you would ever do anything wrong. The people who are doing the wrong things and could hurt you are the "others". It's hard to believe your own family or friends are in the wrong. It's the basis of a clan.