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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Caturday Tale

A few mornings ago, I went into the garage to toss away a few recyclables. Priss was there, as I opened the door to go back into the house. I bent down to pet her, and Chip squirted out through the little gap in the door into the garage. I immediately closed the garage door, so he couldn’t go outside.

Then I went into the house, took an empty water bottle, punched a hole in the cap, and filled it with water. I went back into the garage. Chip kept maneuvering around under the car so I couldn’t grab him.

So I started squirting him with water. Priss decided that she didn’t want any part of that noise, so she jumped up on top of a cabinet. I kept going around, squirting Chip as he was under the car. Finally, he jumped up on the workbench shelf where Priss sleeps at night. I grabbed him (by then, he was half-soaked), put him back in the house, and opened the garage door back up so Priss could come and go as she pleased.

I didn't see Chip for hours. He was sulking upstairs on his bed.


gray fox said...

. Glad you managed to retrieve him, if half drowned. These episodes can be so scary.

dinthebeast said...

Littlebeast was always a gets-to-go-outside cat. We got him when he showed up in our back yard in Richmond. For some reason he can't just get along with the other cats here, and after several incidents, he's confined to indoors now.
This isn't all that bad of a situation, as there are multiple critters that would make a snack of him around, but he's not liking it much.
When Briana isn't around, like now, I have to trick him into not scramming outside when I go out for my daily walk. I'm disabled, and don't move nearly fast enough to keep him from darting out of the door while it is open.
So far, so good, this time.

-Doug in Sugar Pine