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Saturday, October 30, 2021

One a Thief, Always a Thief (You Can Guess Who)

Former President Trump's new social network might be in hot water before it even launches. Mastodon, a free social media framework, alleges that Truth Social is passing open source software off as its own, and has given them 30 days to fix this. If it doesn't fix things by the end of next month, things could get messy.

In a post to the Mastodon blog, founder and CEO Eugen Rochko explained that the problem is not simply that Truth Social uses Mastodon, but that it does so while claiming ownership over the site's code. People inspecting the code of the pre-launch site last week found it was very clearly using Mastodon's code without acknowledgment.

"The terms of service included a worrying passage, claiming that the site is proprietary property and all source code and software are owned or controlled by them or licensed to them," he wrote. "Mastodon is free software published under the AGPLv3 license, which requires any over-the-network service using it to make its source code and any modifications to it publicly accessible."

That is classic Trump-grade shit. He likely cheated his way all through school, he cheated his way out of the draft, he cheats on his wives, he cheats at golf, he violates securities laws.

So there should be no surprise whatsoever that Trump is stealing someone else's source code and claiming it as his own.

But hey, the Christian Taliban loves them their wife-beating, sexual-molesting theiving Orange God.

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