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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Conservatives Embody Cancel Culture and Snowflakeism

The conservative outcry towards Critical Race Theory shows that they embody the very thing they decry: Censoring viewpoints that make them uncomfortable.

What are they so afraid of? That their kids will learn that their grandparents threw rocks at school kids and school buses during integration? That their great-grandparents attended lynchings?


Ten Bears said...

LOL ~ maybe what they're afraid of is finding out their grand-parents weren't all white.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

You might be missing the point

B said...

Or they object to outright lies.

DTWND said...

Which, I'm sure, your side NEVER does.


DTWND said...

Are you claiming that there weren't protests during desegregation of southern schools? Or that black men (and some women) weren't hung from trees? Or that the burning of crosses at black churches didn't occur? Or that plantations in the south didn't import slave labor from Africa and the West Indies? Are these the "outright lies" that you object to?

What do you think Critical Race Theory teaches? What lies are you objecting to? Enlighten me, please.


dinthebeast said...

The fact that CRT isn't taught in public schools validates the concept of CRT.

-Doug in Sugar Pine