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Monday, November 15, 2021

Being an Asshole in Court Has Its Consequences

A Connecticut judge found Infowars host Alex Jones liable by default Monday in a defamation lawsuit brought by parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting over the conspiracy theorist’s claims that the massacre was a hoax.

The ruling by the judge, who cited Jones’ refusal to abide by court rulings or turn over evidence, means a jury will determine how much in damages Jones should pay to the families

Jones is an asshole who thinks that he can fight shit out on Radio Moron rather than in court. Losing a case because one has not complied with discovery is a sanction that has been reserved for true assholes.

Jones certainly qualifies in that regard.


Paul W said...

Jones also ignored the court in Texas that basically found him guilty by default as well.

I hope the juries in both courts understand the emotional damage Jones inflicted on those families, and that the only thing Jones understands is his own greed. I hope those juries award the families every penny Jones has and plans on getting from his goddamn media "empire".

Tod Germanica said...

I don't get it. He said it, he's only an entertainer playing a part. Nobody could take such blathering as truth. Just like that rich frozen food guy on Fox. Come on people, can't you take a joke. /s

dinthebeast said...

I hope the award is ridiculous. I hope that every penny he ever sees in this life is already spoken for. That's how we got rid of the goddamn Aryan Nation, and that's how we should get rid of Infowars.

-Doug in Sugar Piner

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Isn't this just a cost of doing business?

Stewart Dean said...

To crib from Dear Leader:
Play asshole games, get asshole prizes.
But Jones is worse than an asshole; would that we might find abyssal depths and inhabitants spawned him....and cauterize it.

Eck! said...

Alex has issues, he thinks he is somebody but, not so much.

He's just a low ball voice on a shortwave station hawking
crappy prepper stuff and conspiracy myths.

Now that he has lost in two states it is time for the
collection agents to go to work.

That business should fail. Poverty would fit him well.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

How are you going to touch any of his money? Most of it is probably offshore somewhere.