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Monday, November 22, 2021


I wake up and the very first thing that I see is that some asshole in Wisconsin drove a SUV into a Xmas parade, killing at least five people and injuring scores more.

Alcohol? Terrorism? Generic murderous assholery?


Wayne Wilson said...

It is said that the three people in the suv were well tanned white supremacist with dreadlocks.

Comrade Misfit said...

Yeah? By whom?

Tod Germanica said...

Killing people with your truck is the new lynching since BLM and covid. It will intensify when the driver is aquitted like Little Killer Kyle. It's due to be the fad nazi murder technique during the next covid surge, epsilon. Sure, the bodies will be stacked like cordwood, but the death cult covid denial death toll will dwarf that little woodshed. Great job on the mass death cult Brandon (Putin).

Paul said...

The latest news reports is that the driver was fleeing "another incident" which negates a lot of early Twitter screaming that this was politically/racially motivated.

This is still a massive tragedy with many families devastated by the deaths of children.

dinthebeast said...

Ramming crowds with cars is an ISIS tactic. Not that ISIS is responsible for this one, but if they could they would say they were.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Stewart Dean said...

Shit. it needed only this. The psychopathic idiot was one Darrell E. Brooks, a black man.

NYTimes:Mr. Brooks had been free on $1,000 bail in an earlier criminal case, in which he was accused of trying to run over the mother of his child in the parking lot of a Milwaukee gas station with his maroon 2010 Ford Escape earlier this month.

The sound of dogwhistling is deafening. Well, the man's name is Mudd, in any racial community.

Tod Germanica said...

Another maniac. But the tactic absolutely was employed against marchers repeatedly. If you believe cnn.