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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Just a Good Ole Boy in Texas Playing With Matches, You Betcha

He was also playing with gasoline in the doorway of a synagogue.

An 18-year-old Texas State University student is now facing a federal arson charge following his arrest for setting fire to Congregation Beth Israel. Court documents revealed Monday show the teenager's inner thoughts before and after the fire.

According to the federal criminal complaint affidavit, Franklin Barrett Sechriest used an accelerant to intentionally start the fire. Sechriest, a criminal justice major and member of the 6th Brigade of the Texas National Guard, was already facing an arson charge in state court for the same case, according to the affidavit

They know his "inner thoughts" because that master criminal was keeping a journal. So here's to quick trial and lengthy prison sentences.

The community, including Muslims, has been rallying around the synagogue's congregation and have been donating money for the repairs.

Meanwhile, in other MAGA news, the conditions at the D.C. Jail are being scrutinized because white people are locked up there.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Oooo, yeah, writing down your OWN felonious thoughts and actual deeds is a rookie mistake, there, firebug. Hope you like the taste of prison food.

Stewart Dean said...

Nono, like Mr. Batshit Multicolor Shaman, he must have organic very special food. See, he has a note from his mother.....

And to think the people were having hissy fits about Sharia law...'Murican justice ain't looking so good or impartial....more like a meeting of the Bensonhurst chapter of the International Brotherhood of Loyal Raccoons with Judge Schroeder as the Grand High Exhalted Mystic Ruler.

Do you know these turkeys? No, I thought they were from Saturday Night Live.....