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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Visit Nambia

Trump is fucking fixated on the idea of drug smugglers firing bags of drugs over the border wall into large crowds of Americans who are just milling around there. At first, he was babbling about 60lb bags, now he's blithering about 100lb bags. Other than some anecdotal remarks to a reporter, there's nothing to document 100lb bags of drugs being flung over the border fence. And even if there was wide use of them, a short perusal of videos of modern recreations of catapults (usually trebuchets) can easily fling objects over Trump's envisioned Great Wall of Trump.

Meanwhile, when he is not babbling about catapults or exchanging childish insults with Kim Jong-un, Trump is showing that he has absolutely no dedication to or understanding of the Constitution. He's only in favor of forms of speech when he agrees with it.

Not to mention the optics of standing before a crowd of white Southeners and, in essence, calling for the firing of uppity black folk. Because there's no fascist like an old fascist.

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dinthebeast said...

Andy Borowitz says Fergus has named Sarah Palin ambassador to Nambia:


-Doug in Oakland