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Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Dreamers Are Truly Screwed

Paul Ryan says 'Dreamers' should 'rest easy' over expiring Daca policy.
Right. Ryan is telling the Dreamers that he can deliver something that he damn well knows that he cannot. If Ryan was honest about helping the Dreamers, he'd deliver a "clean" bill, one that only handles the issue. But he can't do that. His caucus will insist on adding in amendments and other poison-pill shit that the Democrats will never go for. They'll add in provisions for building habitats for poisonous snakes into The Great Wall of Trump, or provisions that people who are worth $4 billion and whose primary residence is in Manhattan not only pay no taxes, but they get free ponies.

Or Ryan can try to get something through the House by working with the Democrats and a handful of Republicans. That'll eventually end up with Ryan getting deposed, like Boehner was.

That's how things work, these days. Dysfunction is baked into the process.


B said...

So you think Ryan is gonna act like the Dems do everytime they think they can force an issue and get something for one of their high contributing interest groups....?

You point fingers, but YOUR party is just as bad, if not worse. Where is your outrage when Dems do things that you claim Ryan and the repubs MIGHT do....That the Dems have done recently? Or can't you use the same standards of judgement for everyone?

CenterPuke88 said...

So you get mad when D's follow the lead the R's established? And even then, they are not doing even half what R's did to "made Barack Obama a failed President".