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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Captain Sonny Hernandez, Chaplain Corps, USAF, Can Go Eat a Bag of Dicks

A U.S. Air Force chaplain who ministers to thousands of men and women at an Ohio base is asserting that Christians in the U.S. Armed Forces “serve Satan” and are “grossly in error” if they support service members' right to practice other faiths.
It is a long-standing military tradition that military chaplains minister to all faiths, not just their own. That was shown in the 1949 movie Battleground:

(The clip is worth watching for other reasons.)

The Air Force is an organization that is largely composed of REMFs. In recent years, the Air Force has internally been becoming an evangelical Christian entity.

If you are Catholic, Jewish or anything other than an evangelical Christian, you would do well to avoid serving in the Air Force.


M. Bouffant said...

"Jesus loves me, this I know,
The U.C.M.J. tells me so."

3383 said...

I recall a documentary narrated by someone who sounded British about the evangelical Christian-ness of the CO and brass at a UK airbase. The tone was bemused, amused, and worried.

dinthebeast said...

Yeah, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Mikey Weinstein's outfit. They have been pushing back against the Jesusing of the military for a while now.
Great clip, by the way.

-Doug in Oakland

w3ski said...

Damn straight, with that Movie Clip. How did we ever forget so much?

deadstick said...

I was an AF REMF for six years. In my experience, this description applies to about 10% of the senior officers I dealt with -- and more tellingly, that 10% got away with it.

Ten Bears said...

Not all of the Crusades were against Muslim held Palestine. The Church also exterminated, for example, the Cathars of southern France, not to mention what they did to perhaps a hundred million indigenous peoples around the world.

Tod Germanica said...

In my 10 months on Vietnamese fire support bases I remember zero sky pilots. Maybe they were there but I didn't need them and I guess they didn't need me.
And no doughnut dollies, and no USO, and no Bob Hope who was 4F or something like Rush Limburger and all the other warwimps WHO DID NOT SERVE. Would the Duke be a MAGA today?