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Friday, September 22, 2017

If Paul Manafort is a Russian Asset, What Does That Make Mike Pence?

Because Manafort pretty much picked Pence.

It's important that Manafort picked Pence because of whom Manafort may have been working for. Which may also give some insight into the FBI's extraordinary raid on Manafort.

How all this will play out will be anyone's guess. But if it's shown that Manafort was a Russian asset (who paid him while he was working "for free" for Trump, for instance), then everyone who was associated with Manafort, particularly those whom he had a hand in placing in the Trump administration, will be stained.

Pass the popcorn.


D. said...

A liability. (Is the opposite of 'asset'.

dinthebeast said...

And just why was it that Deripaska all of the sudden isn't suing Manafort for the missing $19mil any more? Even a guy like him wants SOMETHING for nineteen million dollars.
And what's up with Manafort working for the Kurds right now, and possibly going there for their referendum? I mean, it's against our stated policy for them to break away, and against the objective of fourteen years of war we fought there, but I would expect that of a guy like Manafort, but how do we know he's gonna come back and face the deepening doo doo he appears to be in here?

-Doug in Oakland